What is a Ring Spring?

A ring spring is of a number of alternately assembled inner and outer rings. Each ring has a lubricated conical contact surface that is made up of a high-quality spring steel.

The outer rings expand and inner rings contract when axial pressure is applied to the ring spring. Each conical surface telescopes into the adjacent one.

The pairs of conical contact surfaces sum to provide a total spring travel that is directly proportional to the total number of elements. High efficiency results when the outer rings and inner rings are subjected to equally uniform compression stresses. The friction that occurs between the conical surfaces increases the force required to compress the spring and reduces the force given out on release.

Our Experience

Ashby Manufacturing Company has over twenty years experience in manufacturing Edgewater Style Ring Springs. Our quality systems and manufacturing process allow us to provide top of the line products to our clients. Ashby also provides quick turnaround engineering and rapid turnaround allow us to provide top of the line products to our clients. We believe in continually meeting and exceeding our client expectations by offering a quick turnaround and cost savings for all of your machining needs.

Popular Classes of Ring Springs

  • U-77-K
  • U-32-K
  • U-69-K
  • U-78-K
  • A-6-K
  • D-21-K
  • U-38-K
  • U-55-K
  • U-72-K
  • J-8-K
  • C-8-K
  • B-32-A